When you’re ready to hire someone to do your kitchen remodel, make sure they have some kind of references of people they’ve done work for in the past.  For instance, before we hired our kitchen contractor, she shared the following letter that was written by one of her former clients.  I think it speaks for itself and is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping to hear.

This kitchen was seventeen years old and the appliances were starting to go, so we were kind of biding our time with them. There were a few design details that, with the kids grown, we had kind of outgrown.

I had my cooktop right in the center of the island which didn’t leave a lot of space to be working and I really love to bake. I needed an island or some some space where I could just layout dozens and dozens of cookies to frost or roll out dough and candies… So I was really looking forward to a one-story island.

I really wanted to be involved in every detail. I know not everybody’s like that but that’s my personality and Gail was able to handle that. I also loved how responsive Gail was. I could shoot her an email in the middle of the night and I knew that she’d be reading at the next morning and always got back to me right away.

So she always made me feel really comfortable about every decision. I could not believe how quickly and smoothly the installation went. I was really prepared for some of the horror stories I’ve heard about how long that might take. Once I was ready to start it just rolled along and was done!

One of the things that I really really love is that everything is right here for me. I’ve got my freezers with my frozen waffles right next to my toaster, and my bread drawer with my toaster here.  The microwave is right here… It’s all at my fingertips.

Just on monday this week, I had twenty fifteen-year-old girls up here and we did a couple different things. Most of the party was downstairs but we had this island again, laid out for them and each girl got to make a couple pizzas.  All around the island they were standing and then we cleared that off, threw it into the oven. They came back up again and we did ice-cream sundaes.

Again the girls lined up all around the island it was absolutely perfect! Plenty of room for everybody, so it’s a great gathering spot.