Jerry Williams Syracuse, NY

I was raised appreciating the value of “things with character” (i.e. “OLD stuff”!) My mom ran a great antique business that sort of rubbed off on my brother and me, and we learned about renovating all kinds of things to make them useful again. In fact, we even made a business out of it, renovating everything from old cars to old homes, as well as sharing with others how we do it, which is really the genesis for this website as it is today.  It was originally put together for my mom, but she never used it (I guess it was ‘too new’ lol!).

Anyway, we (well, mostly “me” at the present time – hopefully my brother will join me online soon), are here to share a variety of tips, techniques and general DIY guidance from the years of information we’ve picked up.  Hopefully you’ll find something useful here.  As we’ve learned, if you look hard enough, you can almost always find something good.